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Mozambique, located on the eastern coast of Africa, is one of the fastest emerging tourist destinations in the world. The country offers immense tourism potential with spectacular beaches, serene islands and amazing opportunities for water sports. Comprised of richly diverse ethnic groups, Mozambique is a warm and lively place for a holiday in Africa. This Mozambique hotel and accommodation booking service is part of the network and brings you the best hotels in Mozambique, as well as hostels, Mozambique guesthouses and other accommodation. Mozambique tours can also be booked through our site and are a great personalised way to experience Mozambique.

The peaceful and serene beaches of the Mozambique coast provide a perfect balance for travellers seeking rest and relaxation, as well as more energizing activities like sailing under the night skies on traditional dhows, big game fishing and simply enjoying the surf. alt

As a tourist, you can take in the pulse of Mozambique with a stroll along its cobblestone streets, admire the majestic colonial-era buildings on Ilha de Moçambique, drink coffee at Maputo’s sidewalk cafés or Mozambique restaurants, or try out a jazz bar. To experience the country’s dynamism, take in a traditional dance and music performance or watch the local silversmith artisans at work on Ibo Island.

If you are looking for more adventurous Mozambique activities, the beaches, parks and city centres offer many options to explore the land and enjoy its beauty. You can sail on a dhow through the mangrove channels, snorkel or dive in the Bazaruto Archipelago, take a Maputo walking tour and get to know Mozambique's urban centre, or select an extraordinary African wildlife safari in a nearby park. There are a variety of things to see and do in Mozambique. Every traveller will find a Mozambique tour or activity to meet his or her desires.

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Despite the intense civil war that racked Mozambique for almost two decades and severely limited access to many of these sites, Mozambique is now actively developing and promoting its natural and heritage sites. Various Mozambique accommodation options are springing up everywhere in response to the influx of visitors. The southern regions of the country are well connected to the rest of the African continent, especially to South Africa, and there are numerous options for comfortable Mozambique transport to get you to your chosen Mozambique hotel.

If you prefer more extreme outdoor adventure and a taste of African wildlife, the region beyond the Zambezi, with its long coast and wide expansive spaces, can be explored at a slow and leisurely pace. A number of African safaris in wildlife parks in neighbouring countries are also available. You can even opt to spend your Africa vacation at any of the tranquil nearby Mozambique islands. Other popular sites for a Mozambique tour include the Limpopo River, the Gorongosa National Park and Maputo Elephant Park, the Cahora Bassa Dam, and the Bazaruto and Quirimbas archipelagos.

Take a look at our map of Mozambique to see the location of the popular tourist attractions in relation to our recommended Mozambique hotels. You can then book your accommodation in Mozambique directly from this page.

The culture of Mozambique’s varied ethnic residents has endured long years of colonial influence rather well, offering visitors a glimpse of ancient cultural practices juxtaposed with modern life; a visit to this beautiful country is sure to be an interesting one. Mozambique is known for its cultural and linguistic diversity. In the north and central regions are majority Islamic Bantu-speaking communities, while the areas around Zambezi imbibe the influence of neighbouring countries such as Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Mozambique is well known for its beautiful visual art, with many modern artists having garnered international recognition for their talent. The legendary Malangatana is famed for his depictions of Mozambique’s troubled colonial history and the internal disputes that ravaged the country.

Music and dance form an integral part of Mozambique culture. A popular genre of dance music called marrebenta has become synonymous with the Mozambique struggle for independence from colonial Portuguese rule. Traditional ritual dances like the mapiko dance are also widely practiced, both in rural Makonde villages and Maputo suburbs. The ritual masquerade, connected to the complex rites of male initiation, has also taken on political overtones. 

Markets in Mozambique are full of statues, sculptures and masks, carved from ebony and wood by traditional Makonde artisans from the northern part of the country. Some of these masks are central components to the traditional Makonde dances and masquerades.

Mozambique is one of the friendliest places in Africa, with welcoming local communities. Don't miss out on an amazing Mozambique expeirence. Choose your destination, select the accommodation in Mozambique that meets your needs and relax. Dana Tours will do the rest.

Location: Maputo
Location: Maputo