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Welcome to Mozambique! Meet Natalie Tenzer-Silva and the team from Dana Tours, your local connection in magical Mozambique!

Established in 2002, we are an inbound tour company promoting Mozambique travel and partnering with top Mozambique hotels and tour operators. Because we are a team of locals, we know the ins and outs of Mozambique; we also have an experienced team of professionals working on the ground to provide you with expert advice and personalised service, assuring your holiday in Mozambique to be fantastic!

"We are committed to the principle that tourism in Mozambique should benefit the average Mozambican as much as possible. We are a Mozambican company promoting only Mozambican tourist products and services which we believe encompasses this principle."

Sustainable Tourism

We run student volunteer programs in Mozambique twice a year, during which time groups assist local communities, such as lending a hand at the Street Children Centre or a local orphanage. The volunteer groups typically arrive from Canada. This is a shared learning process that connects children living on the street with students from affluent homes in developed economies. The programs range from 2-4 weeks and include a 3-day Kruger Park tour, the natural wonders of Mpumalanga, and an animal rehabilitation centre before travelling to either Maputo or Nampula in the north.

Dana Tours also runs a variety of Mozambique tours, many of which focus on the both the rich cultural heritage of the country and the social and historical challenges it has faced in recent decades. The Mafalala walking tour, for example, introduces guests to Maputo's political and cultural centre and includes a stop at a local school, where participants can engage, firsthand, with the local community. Our aim is to give a glimpse into the lives of average Mozambicans, not just the high-end tourist destinations.

In creating tailor-made tours in Maputo and the rest of Mozambique, we try to include responsible tourism lodges that work together with local Mozambican communities and source materials from their respective areas, thus creating employment for local residents.

"The future is the internet and what appeals to me is that whl.travel is not just another booking engine; I love the idea of having social responsibility and am very pleased that there is an emphasis on this. I'm happy to be able to communicate with our clients directly because we give advice on how best to get the most out of their trip. Since the size of this country is deceiving and has limited flight access, it can sometimes be quite tricky to get around and having local, up-to-date information is essential."

Mozbus Transportation in Mozambique

In 2008 we expanded Dana Tours with the inception of Mozbus, a vehicle transport company to help you to travel around Mozambique with ease. We run a hotel and airport shuttle service for two of the 4-star Maputo hotels and are very involved with conferences and workshops taking place around the city. We offer road transfers up north as far as Vilankulo, as well as trips to South Africa, mainly to Kruger Park. We own all of our own vehicles and have passenger liability up to the value of USD 2,000,000, whereas the law in Mozambique requires only USD 4,000. All of our drivers have professional driving permits and good client rapport. We are also happy to accommodate larger groups and can sub-contract coaches. The largest group we have worked with involved 1000 delegates for the World Bank Agricultural Conference (CGIAR), which took place in November and December 2008. 

Our services range from customised Mozambique itineraries for independent travellers to business travel programs appropriate for any budget. Dana Tours has a good mix of individual clients and groups, many of whom return year after year, wishing to explore yet another part of the country. Our local multilingual staff enjoys creating new programs and helping visitors experience Mozambique.

Meet the Team

Natalie Tenzer-Silva hails from South Africa and made her way to Mozambique in 1993, shortly after the Peace Accord was signed in October 1992, with her husband for a two year contract. After a year living and settling into Mozambique, Natalie found work in a travel agency. She quickly learned the local lingo and after working with the company for just over a year was promoted to manager. She spent much of her time sending a large part of the expat community abroad on holiday and home leave, as at that time few expats spent their holidays in Mozambique.

In 2002 Natalie realised instead of sending people out of Mozambique she should alternatively bring people from all corners of the globe to experience the enchantment of Mozambique. Along with the owners of the travel agency, Natalie opened an inbound tour operator and Dana Tours was born. After 18 months, Dana Tours stood firmly on its own footing and Natalie began working full-time for the company. The team now has 11 local employees.

"There is a certain magic that one just cannot pinpoint that makes Mozambique so addictive."

Sixteen years on, Natalie has no plans to leave Mozambique. Some of her favourite things to do in Mozambique include bringing up her family, visiting spectacularly beautiful places and interacting with local people of all colours and religions. Mozambique is a wonderful space to be and when she's not busy working or enjoying life to the full, Natalie enjoys travelling.

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