Mozambique Destination Guide

Mozambique boasts of a rich cultural heritage and an unparalleled vista of natural beauty that makes it an interesting tourist destination in Africa, with options for every kind of traveller. The diversity is arresting – lively cities, serene island archipelagos, wildlife sanctuaries, and active water sports. The country offers numerous options for the every kind of Africa holiday experience.

For some truly challenging, and ultimately rewarding, adventures, cross the Zambezi into Northern Mozambique, one of Africa's widest open spaces.

Our Mozambique Destination Guide, together with our Mozambique tour suggestions, will help you plan your Mozambique vacation and ensure that you see all of the amazing Mozambique highlights. For tips on the best way to get around Mozambique take a look at our Mozambique transportation guide, and our Mozambique country guide offers some useful information for planning your holiday in Mozambique.

Things to See & Do in Mozambique

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Activities Top

Mozambique Water Sports

Mozambique offers numerous water sports activities on its many popular beaches. The most adventurous activities in Mozambique are scuba diving, snorkelling and deep sea fishing, which draw visitors from all over the world to these beautiful beaches. 

Fishing in Mozambique

Mozambique offers its visitors some of the world's best fishing zones, as well as some of the toughest big game fishing spots in southern Africa, especially around the Guinjata Bay and the deep waters of the Mozambique Channel. Popular catches are marlin, sailfish and other huge fish weighing over 1,000 pounds (454 kg). However, in order to preserve natural resources, anglers are persuaded to follow a guided system of releasing their catches. There are also a number of centres along the coast that offer rock, surf and fly-fishing.

Diving in Mozambique

Mozambique beaches are legendary for their pristine beauty, as yet unsullied by the usual vagaries of tourist spots. The beaches offer fantastic diving zones; for example, South African divers and surfers love to visit Ponta d'Ouro in the southern Maputo province. The beach has a small village, with often completely populated  camping spots. Here, one can even swim along with the dolphins!

The Tofo beach in Inhambane Province is another favourite haunt of diving enthusiasts. Termed potentially 'the next Goa', Tofo, with its stunning beauty, relaxed ambience, great cuisine and small but happening nightlife, has gained immense popularity as a popular beach destination on the east coast of Africa. Its primary attraction is fantastic diving and snorkelling zones that are full of a variety of reefs and marine life.

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Beaches in Mozambique Top

Mozambique is legendary for its pristine secluded beaches, with clear waters, coral reefs and options for a number of leisure and adventure activities. As most of the beaches are in isolated spots, they remain unspoilt by teeming tourist hordes.

The reefs and beaches in Mozambique offer wonderful opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. Diving is a popular sport in this region.

Tofo and Barra are among the popular Mozambique beaches. A number of Mozambique resorts adjoining these beaches offer excellent facilities for tourists.

Benguerra Island Top

Benguerra Island, the second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, lies in the southern part of Bazaruto Island. The island was initially called 'Santa Antonio' by the Portuguese explorers and was later renamed as Benguerra. At an area of 11 km in length and 5.5 km in width, the island hums with a variety of flora and fauna, and of course, an astounding array of sea life. It offers a range of ecosystems ranging from natural forests, wetlands, savannah grasslands and like the other islands in the archipelago, many inland lakes, vast dunes and a thriving sea life, including fresh water crocodiles. There are about 164 species of birds and in the small forest located in the northern corner of the island, and you will find different species of squirrels and monkeys.

Diving on Benguerra Island draws enthusiasts from all over the world, offering the best reef diving options at the reef that is located two miles east of Benguerra. Divers can spot stag horn corals and tropical fish ranging from moray eels and tiny clown fish to black-tipped reef sharks. For a slice of local life, you can watch the locals with their dhows settle down to sort the day’s catch on the beaches. The island has long been considered extraordinary for the warm waters of the Mozambique Channel.

Magaruque Island Top

Magaruque Island, a part of the Bazaruto Archipelago, is governed by Mozambique. The Bazaruto Archipelago consists of four main islands – Magaruque Island, Bazaruto Island, Benguerra Island and Santa Carolina Island. The islands are bound by freshwater lakes and huge sand dunes and are home to the stunning black-winged flamingos. The island has a deep channel that runs from the west shore, which facilitates the operation of a number of leisure and adventurous sports like snorkelling and scuba diving. You can also go dolphin watching and stroll on the beach for pansy shells deposited by the low tide.

Mozambique Island Top

Mozambique Island, a major tourist spot, is located in northern Mozambique. Though the island is not so vast, it offers visitors a variety of tourist attractions. The island is noted for its old historical structures.

Nacala Coast Top

Nacala coast is a tropical area with isolated white beaches and pure tropical waters, as yet untouched by the tourist woes that such beautiful islands usually experience. It has the deepest natural port of eastern Africa and serves as the terminal for the Nacala Railway, which offers a rail link to the neighbouring country of Malawi. Mozambique Island, the former capital of Mozambique and a World Heritage site, is situated at the southern part of Nacala. While Nacala and Mozambique Island do offer Mozambique accommodation options, the Nacala Coast Area offers structured tourist facilities. The fine architectural sites attract numerous visitors to this island.

Nightlife in the Cities Top

Maputo has a dynamic night life that offers options ranging from traditional theatre and cultural shows to modern bars and nightclubs playing lively music. In the Feira Popular area in Baixa district, you have numerous bars and restaurants that also offer live music performances. For a taste of Mozambique cuisine, you can also sample the tempting array of food at Maputo’s street cafés, which are usually open until late in the night.

Vilanculos Top

Vilanculos, located on the Peninsula of San Sebastian, is said to be the romantic gateway to the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago. It offers tourists magnificent beaches and a lively night life. Vilanculos is a thriving town with a fresh produce market, and shops and restaurants that offer fine seafood cuisine.

Near the San Sebastian Peninsula Harbour, you can visit the Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary that houses all types of wildlife, including a variety of birds. The various diving spots attract tourists who also get to watch manta rays, dolphins, Zambezi sharks and a wide variety of sea fishes. The accommodation options in Vilanculos Mozambique are plentiful with excellent services provided by its friendly staff.