Celebrating Mozambican Women

WUMBURI: meaning “Natural Beauty” in Mozambican local Language Bitonga

Launched on January 17th 2013 Wumburi is a registered  Mozambican organization that was created by three young Mozambican women (Eduarda Guitunga, Uitnei Chamusso, Melba Jorge) with a passion for their country and pride of being African. It all started on a casual social gathering, where they collectively became enlightened to create a movement that would revolutionize the world’s perception on African culture.

"The main purpose of this movement is promoting & empowering African Culture"

Its main purpose is to become an epicenter of the African culture where the boundaries of time and distance may never get in the way of embracing the African culture. Wumburi is committed to gather together individuals with different ideas, perspectives, nationalities, and from different ethnicities but that have one thing in common: the love for the mother land.

Recently Wumburi has launched its first online campaign by the name of “CELEBRATING MOZAMBICAN WOMEN” where the main objective was to celebrate the variety and uniqueness of Mozambican women. Women of different ages, sizes and ethnicity kindly helped us by participating in this campaign.

This was a photographic campaign, where the models wore some of our exclusive products. The main one being the “WUMBURI” which is the Mozambican national head wrap also known as a Turban.

Wumburi has many projects on the way. We aim at exploring every possible area of Mozambican and African Culture. We are taking one step at a time to achieve our main goal which is “Empowering African Culture Globally”


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Celebrating Mozambican WomenCelebrating Mozambican WomenCelebrating Mozambican Women

Celebrating Mozambican WomenCelebrating Mozambican WomenCelebrating Mozambican Women